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ProtectHer is a four-part digital education program for young men (high school and up) on the importance of respecting women. It consists of four, one hour each, with comprehensive materials for the moderator. With this purchase, you will instantly receive an email zip file including a 125-page facilitator's guides (that can be printed out) as well as four PowerPoint presentations that accompany each session.


The Mission: ProtectHer believes that in order to safeguard the dorm room, we must first activate the power and influence within the locker room. With 1 out of every 5 young women on campus being the victim of sexual assault on U.S. college campuses, the need for this program has never been greater. By recognizing the greatest influencers on campus—male athletes—and speaking to them in a relatable way, ProtectHer is the only sexual assault prevention program that understands its students are also the solution. THIS is how tidal change begins.


Our Promise: To provide Parents, Coaches, Athletic Directors, Administrators, and Community Facilitators with a powerhouse sexual assault prevention program that redefines “locker room talk” while empowering athletes to cultivate respect for themselves and others. Deeply researched and strategically assembled, the ProtectHer program is a unique tool that cuts straight to the heart of the issue by speaking directly to the powerful cultural leaders who wear the jersey.


The Solution: The ProtectHer program is the first of its kind designed to meet athletes where they are, using the language they use, in the sports and entertainment vein they want to see. A moderator’s guide contains all of the information you need to guide a robust discussion with your team. In addition, several documentaries produced by award-winning filmmakers combine with fun, engaging activities to foster community and understanding as you tackle the tough issues head-on, together.

ProtectHer Program

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