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Start a #ThatGirlCircle

We now call them #Circles.

We used to refer to our circles as "chapters" but we realized that women older and younger than college wanted to start their own crew, tribe, gang, circle of badass girls and we wanted to open up this community to anyone and everyone. SOOOO... things have changed!! (Drum roll)

We meet once a month.  

Or more. Depending on your schedule. We will announce on social media the first of every month with our "Party Plans." Yeah. Sounds awesome. We know. It will be a thoughtful activity and conversation guide for you and your girls (or anyone identifying as female and boys are welcome to join your circle- all kind humans welcome). 

It’s on you.

Who you invite, when you meet, what you do- hopefully you join in on our monthly party plans, but regardless, this community is meant to serve YOU. So you want to start a THAT GIRL - running- knitting- happy hour- travel- bible study- business- star gazing- political- cooking-dance- art- goal setting- work out- book club- camping- roller girl- financial fit- brunch- CIRCLE.  We don't care. YOU. DO. YOU. We just want you meeting (here’s the catch) CONSISTENTLY with people who are supportive and encouraging because research tells us that NOTHING is more important to our happiness and our health than being surrounded not just by awesome people that we love, but meeting with them R-E-G-U-L-A-R-L-Y. And well, we believe in science.  

​Social Media tags.

Please tag  #ThatGirlCircle followed by city and/ or activity if you’re doing your own thing. Feel free to be creative here: #Austin #ATX #KeepAustinWeird #Austinbookclub #ATXbrunch #Hillcountryrunning… you get the point. How we keep track of all of you is now on social media so we’d love to see what different circles are doing around the world.

#ThatGirlCircle Rules:

Kindness Always: this is not "the cool, mean girls" club... umm, because those stopped being cool in 1996. And we all have PTSD from our middle school mean girls. We have grown up. We are wiser now. So we are a badass girl squad which means that ALL ARE WELCOME and we encourage you to reach outside of your comfort zone and include people you might not necessarily "be friends with" because diversity is literally the magic sauce to us becoming even more badass. 

Creativity Welcome: don't just rely on us for our monthly Party Plans. We LOVE when #ThatGirlCircles get creative and do ANYTHING in the name of AWESOME! So think up your own fun, inspiring, thought-provoking activity, game, event, experience and just do us a favor- share it with our community to give other squads ideas and maybe even to meet up with other squads in your own city or announce it so girls passing through your city can "find her people" and kick it with badass girls like you.

Ouch/ Oops: Not if, but WHEN someone says something, does something that hurts someone's feelings in a squad, we practice Brene Brown's RADICAL VULNERABILITY and take responsibility for how we feel saying "Ouch" followed by something like, “When you said --- I felt----.” And we give the other person the opportunity to say "Oops" followed by "Of course I would never intentionally hurt your feelings and I'm sorry, I'd love a chance to revisit what I was trying to say and thanks for being so brave for speaking your truth." 

Sorry NOT Sorry: We don't apologize unless we mean it. And when we do, we take radical responsibility for our mistakes. We make eye contact, we use their name, we say I am sorry ONCE (not thirty-four times) and we make sure it is meant and received. 

We don't talk about our sisters like that: We don't talk shit about other girls and we don't talk shit about ourselves. So not IF but WHEN we slip, we loving hold each other accountable by saying (even if it's someone saying, " ahh I'm such an idiot I forgot my car keys")... "Don't talk about my badass sister like that” followed with an epic smile. 

Screen Shot 2019-09-16 at 3.26.03 PM.png

Yes to What?

Say YES.

And your life is

about to change.

Say yes to starting your own circle and going on this epic adventure with us. Because this is the one thing I can guarantee you; when you choose to show up for yourself and for others, your life changes. Your problems won't magically go away but they will feel bearable. You will be the sunshine someone needs on their rainy days and they will be yours. You don't have to know what you are doing, you just have to say YES. Yes, to starting or joining a circle of badass girls who every time you forget, they will remind you just how badass you are and you will get to do the same for them. We are what you have been looking for... so welcome to our #ThatGirlCircle!

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