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I AM THAT HUMAN is a for-purpose company driven by social impact and doing good. We are passionate about working with the biggest, baddest people, brands, organizations, campaigns and initiatives in the world to inspire people and innovate humanity. Whether we’re teaming up with Google to work on sexual harassment prevention, consulting on Netflix’s most successful shows, building ProtectHer curriculum for D1 athletic programs, inspiring a 1.2M+ person army with I AM THAT GIRL, strategizing with The White House on how we can achieve authentic equality, executive producing award winning documentaries, lobbying for world changing reform, working on the NFL’s initiative to engage more women or keynoting and curating Fortune 100 annual events, we believe that audacious ideas have the ability to change the world and we cannot wait to hear about yours.









Word on the Street


I was impressed with Alexis from the very moment I met her. In a world of pressures, comparisons, and anxieties, Alexis is enlightening, empowering, and focused. I have no doubt in my mind that Alexis will stand out for this generation of women, as a leader, and as an inspiration.

Kristen Bell

At a moment of profound reckoning in our national – and global – destiny, when so many concerned observers across the ideological spectrum wring their hands in the face of big problems, not least of which is what they perceive to be a trend of inexorable moral decline in the lives of today’s youth, it is reassuring to know that young leaders like Alexis who embody a genuine belief in our capacity to build a brighter future are out there and putting their shoulder to the commonweal. Alexis is tough, she’s smart, she’s charismatic, and she’s unfailingly generous with her incredible gifts.

Dr Christopher Smith

Alexis is hands down one of the most extraordinary, glorious, brilliant, gifted, altruistic, and passionate individuals I have ever met. I also firmly and sincerely believe that it is very possible that she may emerge as one of the most significant voices of our generation. This woman is on a mission. She is here to transform the reality of what it is to be female. And she leads this mission with the truest grace and humility. I am honored to call her my friend, and I am honored to follow her lead.

Bryce Dallas Howard

I would say that Ms. Alexis Jones is the future voice of women in the world, but she is our voice NOW. It is not often you come across a person who can transcend boundaries of celebrity, substance, business and doing good. Ms. Jones’ sharp wit and deep commitment are a combination that directs results based movements. It has been awesome to watch her accomplish everything she puts her mind to and I can’t wait to see what is next!

Elizabeth Gore

  My grandmother taught me the importance of who you surround yourself and just how much they impact who you will become. That being said, she would be proud that in this life time, I’m fighting for justice alongside people like Alexis Jones. 

Bryan Stevenson

My soul sister, girl-who-can-finish-my-sentences-before-I-do Alexis Jones. We were sorority sisters. And best friends. I knew she was special then. She was magnetic. Motivated. Excited about everything. A truly shining light. Lex is starting a human movement and she is setting the tone for all of us.

Sophia Bush

Alexis and I went to college together and it was then I told her “One day you’re going to take over the world.” She is one of the most inspiring, motivating, beautiful people I have ever known. Her work ethic is second to none and it is because of that that she has made a tremendous difference in people's lives and in every project she touches.

Matt Leinart

Alexis Jones is brilliantly inspiring; wicked smart and totally captivating in every sense of the word. She is a true leader and visionary in the world of women’s empowerment. I’m honored to call her a colleague and friend. Anything she touches is graced with her deep beauty, charm and commitment to making the world a better place.

Marie Forleo

I have forever been impacted by the zeal, passion & conviction of Alexis Jones. She is like a miniature sun… orbiting around humanity – inspiring humans to embrace their inner-power… and to truly believe they are more than they think they are. She is a powerhouse and a leader for the next generation of leaders.

Jason Russell

“I’ve never seen someone communicate to men, especially on the topic of respecting women, the way Alexis does. You can’t help but think, she is single handedly going to usher our country into an entirely new definition of manhood. The truth is, the sports world has never needed her so badly. She inspires men everywhere to move from being the problem to becoming the cure.”

Trent Dilfer

Alexis is someone that gives me confidence in this generation. She’s fearless, she’s committed, and most importantly she is dedicated to empowering others to attack the world in the same way that she does.

Adam Braun

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