The smartest companies today realize that it’s not enough to have phenomenal products, goods or services. Their social impact is ultimately what drives the heartbeat of their success. To no surprise, Google hired Alexis to come in as preventive medicine in the midst of the #metoo/ #timesup movement. As the world’s leading innovation and tech company, Google recognized both the opportunity and responsibility in being on the cutting edge of sexual harassment prevention, diversity and inclusivity. training.


Recognizing that women are some of the biggest game changers in building the audience and player pipeline for the NFL, it was no surprise when they reached out to Alexis to be involved in and keynote the official NFL Women’s Summit. Inspiring a new demographic and speaking directly to girls, women, team owners and NFL executives, it was an exciting project to prioritize and inspire women around America’s favorite sport.


Brought on as an expert on the intersection of media and activism, Alexis was brought in as a strategic consultant on all three seasons of this Netflix phenomenon. Reading scripts, working directly with the writers, the executive producers, as well as the actors; Alexis was able to help create impactful content tackling some of the biggest issues facing high school and college students today.


With a 1.2M+ online community and a presence in 24+ countries, I AM THAT GIRL is inspiring girls everywhere to own their voices and build a worldwide sisterhood. From initial vision to branding, to strategic partnerships, to curating live events Alexis founded this movement from the ground up.


Born out of the urgency of college athletic departments needing more support on sexual harassment/assault prevention in their locker rooms, Alexis built the first ever educational program for male athletes on the importance of respecting women. Recognizing the “Power of the Jersey” and the fact that athletes are trendsetters and natural leaders on their campus, ProtectHer is an inspiring, engaging and effective program identifying young men as not simply the problem, but also the cure.


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